Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old Pick-up's and Love By River Jordan

Mr. Wonderful would rather have just about anything than for me to give him a card. He's not too big on flowers either. Go figure. Our men, for the most part, are just wired a little different. Now, if the men are truly from the south, real honest to goodness, good old boys, what makes them tick is a whole lot different. Okay, it some aspects. Case in point. Husband used to have an old Ford pick-up truck. Now, just because I say old it doesn't mean that it's a backfiring rust bucket. That's just imagery wrongly grasped by people from other parts of the country who don't have a pick-up education. No, this truck was shiny and beautiful! Might have been one of the reasons I married him but then, I'm a car girl, a truck girl, an everything in between with wheels on the road girl, and I'll have to tell you about that later. Back to the truck.

Where love is concerned or something more commonly called wild attraction without logic or reason, the commercials tell us it's really very simple. A blond in a convertible. Hands down. Blonde, Convertible, - just add Man. Well, I got news for blondes and convertibles and it amounts to one little hyphenated word - pick-up.For reasons that escape me, perhaps my car being in the shop, I had once borrowed my husband's old pick-up to use for a week. Now when I say pick-up also don't imagine those sleek newbie's with the sticker price glue still reflected in the mirror. Nada. We're talking big tires, ladder racks, big old cruising bumper and Three (that's 3) on the column. In all my growing up young and single days, growing up on that beach where boys from Alabama and Georgia lived and breathed to get down and cruise searching for girls, girls, girls on the Gulf Coast, in all my days of driving anything, I have NEVER received the attention that I did from driving that Ford.

We're talking multiple men rubbernecking and missing green lights. And to watch a women even from a distance push in the clutch and shift on the column - oh my! You would have thought I was three Hollywood it girls and Maxim babes rolled into one. Now mind you, I was just in the right place - the south - and in the right package - not being one. I wouldn't suggest to a woman who was husband hunting in Boston to try this trick. But a word of advice for a woman down south that might be looking for love - Baby, go out and get you a PICK-UP TRUCK. Then get behind the wheel, put those sunglasses on and drive. As my Aunt Leaner used to say, "I ain't stupid and if I'm lying I'm dying." Just you wait and see what develops. Then get back to me with the stories.

Hoping you find love in all the best places - most of all right there in the middle of your heart.

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