Friday, August 7, 2009

If I Become A Famous Author

by Karen Harrington

After viewing this video, I had to wonder: What would I do if become a famous author?

1. For starters, it's very vogue to have someone pretend to be you on your Twitter account. A famous author can't be bothered with telling you what she had for breakfast or that the dog just yacked on the carpet. So I'd hire someone to do that for me.

2. I would build a dream library with green carpet, lots of over-stuffed leather chairs and a latte machine. The room would have huge windows looking out over some body of water.

3. It would be fun to have bobble heads of my book's characters made. Then, everytime I doubted my writing ability, I could ask one of them if I was great and they would nod YES in unison.

4. I would get other famous authors to autograph their works on individual Kindles. Yes, right there on the screen.

5. I would host a dinner that other famous authors would attend annually. Stephen King would sit next to Nicholas Sparks. Anne Rice next to Elizabeth Berg. Elmore Leonard would sit at one end of the table and give everyone cool names like Mr. Pink and Velma Treadway. John Irving would be at the other end of the table and he'd lead the discussion about the plot holes of lesser books.

So if you become a famous author, what will you do?


Karen Harrington is the not-so-famous author of Janeology. Read an excerpt at http://www.karenharringtonbooks/.

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