Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing C. Richard Peggy Webb

I am often asked to mentor someone who is writing a first book.  My schedule of writing, traveling, promoting leaves me very little breathing room, so I usually say no. If I didn’t, my children and grandchildren would probably stop speaking to me. They live in far-flung places – Florida and New Hampshire – and I do enjoy loading my Jeep for a jaunt across Mississippi, Alabama and into the Panhandle, or hopping a plane bound northward.  

But when my friend, C. Richard Cotton, told me he was going to write a book and needed some guidance, I was elated and jumped at the chance to mentor. He’s a very fine free lance journalist, and I knew he had the talent and the discipline to succeed.

We chatted about where to start his story and the novel writing process in general, and he set to work. When he sent the first two chapters, I knew that Richard needed nothing from me but encouragement.  “Keep going,” I told him. “And don’t stop until you finish.”

The result is an incredible non-fiction novella - Then Came Cancer: A Love Story.   I can’t find enough accolades to do this book justice. I read it in one sitting. I cried and laughed, then cried some more. And when it was over, I not only applauded Terri Cotton’s courage and humor as she fought a five-year losing battle with a rare form of cancer, but I was awestruck by Richard, who turned his deep love for his wife into an amazing memorial.

This is the quote I wrote for him:
"Then Came Cancer: A Love Story is the chronicle of battling cancer, of a marriage, of love. But most of all, it's unforgettable! Writing with a raw honesty that is his hallmark and a journalist's eye for detail, C. Richard Cotton also brings a loving husband's heart to the page. He tempers heartbreak with humor, horror with hope, loss with love. The result is a beautiful, powerful story, a Must Read!"
                          Anna Michaels, author of The Tender Mercy of Roses

Richard’s book will soon be available (probably by the first or second week in July) as an e-book… and eventually, a print on demand. I don’t have a specific date, but do keep an eye out. You don’t want to miss this book!

On a personal note, I’m happy to announce that I’m bringing my romance classics back as e-books!  Originally published under the Loveswept imprint at Bantam, these are timeless love stories with some great retro moments.  “He’s a hunk like Tom Selleck.”  Remember the days of Magnum P.I., Back to the Future, “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross?

Five titles are available now – Duplicity, The Edge of Paradise, Touched by Angels, A Prince for Jenny, and Dark Fire. Three are coming out next month and many more are on the way!   Check out the great new covers!

Peggy Webb lives in Mississippi where her gardens are wilting in the heat and she stays holed up in her air-conditioned office with her muse. (You thought she was going to say a handsome hero, didn’t you?) She writes literary fiction as Anna Michaels and everything else, including the Southern Cousins Mystery Series, as Peggy. Currently, she’s having fun editing her romance classics and falling in love with her Loveswept heroes all over again. 


Susan Cushman said...

Kudos to you for mentoring your friend and helping him get his book going, Peggy. I have a couple of friends who are published authors with busy schedules--teaching, writing, book touring--but they have also taken time to mentor me, and without their help and encouragement I think I would have given up. Like Madeleine L'Engle said, "We all feed the lake."

Peggy Webb said...

Thank you, Susan. It was a pleasure to mentor Richard. He's such a talented writer all I had to do was give him a gentle push in the right direction.

He'll have a website soon. For now, you can visit him on Facebook...and in a couple of weeks get his amazingly beautiful memorial to his wife.

C. Richard Cotton said...

Wow, Peggy, I'm searching for words. I guess thanks is a good place to start. So, thanks, my friend.

Congratulations on your continuing expansion into this wild, wild cyberpublishing world.

But, I must bring this up about your blog entry: I think you misplaced the quote "He is a hunk like Tom Selleck." Shouldn't that be higher up, like right after my name?

Just trying to help.


Peggy Webb said...

You always make me giggle, Richard. No, the Selleck quote is in the right place. Under your name I would add, "He's a hunk like Brad Pitt!" Much more current, my friend.

Ted Price said...

It's really difficult, I think, to write about so personal a struggle without getting bogged down in emotions to the point of making the reading difficult. Having read some of Richards' writing, I know he has the skill to pull this off and create a wonderful work. Thanks for helping bring this about.
ted in round rock

Laura Taylor said...

First, Peggy, congratulations on the release of The Tender Mercy of Roses under the pen name Anna Michaels. Very, very proud of you! My hope is that everyone will indulge themselves with this terrific book. While I had to request the book from my local bookseller, I had it in a few days. I've been smiling ever since!
Second, congratulations a second time for demonstrating the value of mentoring other talented writers, especially C. Richard Cotton.

Peggy Webb said...

Ted, you are so right about Richard. The subject matter in less skilled hands might have made the book hard to read. Richard wrote with heart but not sentimentality. It's my pleasure to help bring the writer and the book to the attention of readers.

Peggy Webb a.k.a Anna Michaels said...

Laura, thank you for taking the time to ask for The Tender Mercy of Roses. I hope all my friends and fans will do the same thing! I'm counting of word of mouth.

You've done your share of mentoring over the years, and with great results! It's a satisfying feeling, isn't it?

And aren't we having fun revisiting our Loveswept romances? When yours go live, I'll be happy to help spread the word. You're a very fine writer, too! said...

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ta said...

Words are cheap!! Love story HELL!!!
Richard beat and choke Teresa (Who he wouldn’t even call by her real name) and treated her son like garbage! He wants people to believe HE is the hero!!! Like hell he is!!!
He is a narcissistic piece of shit!!! READ THE BOOK AGAIN and pay close attention to who the book is really about!!!!