Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Writing is Taking New Turns and I'm just Flicking the Blinkers

My writing has taken odd turns since the economy took its downward spiral.

A novel I loved, as did my former agent at one of New York’s biggest firms, thought it would go to auction – that heavenly place writers dream of landing.

Instead, “Chimes from a Cracked Southern Belle,” landed in the rejection pile of about 10 publishers and my young agent just gave up.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard about writing is, “never give up.”

I knew the novel was good enough for publication, so I sought a smaller press and we are working on it now. The process is slower, more personal than with the big New York houses, but I’m just glad to get the thing on paper and draped in an adorable cover.

It may not be a big-time hit, but it’s my “baby” and I had to bring it into the world, whatever way possible. Some of my writer friends are going Indie or doing E-books.

The smaller press seemed a better fit for me at this juncture.

The best advice is to write EVERY day, to read in the genre in which you love to write, and steal tricks from the best authors out there.

Currently, besides all the wonderful books by the bloggers on this site, I’m loving Billie Letts, and am studying her style and how she puts it all together like a wonderful quilt.

It’s just as important to learn from books as to enjoy them. By reading, we absorb more about how to write great dialogue, how to plot and how to entertain and inspire.

My only problem is I have a troubled family member who needs a lot of help, and his issues drain me. Most of my reading lately is Al-Anon material. But heck, there’s even some good writing in these self-help books.

Recently, I had a unique opportunity to collaborate with 11 other (some famous) authors to write a spoofy serial novel for one of the country’s top bookstores – Malaprop’s in Asheville. We each wrote a 6,000-word chapter and it’s almost in publication and getting great reviews and press.

The point is, I’m not the star of this book, but a mere contributor. However, this will get my work “out there,” and that’s another bit of advice for writers. Do what it takes to get your name floating in literary circulation. We didn’t get paid, but when Charles Frazier wrote a glowing review of the book, that seemed good enough.

Make time each day to write something pretty, to read something interesting, and to take good enough care of yourself physically and emotionally to keep the Muse fed and fueled.

Susan Reinhardt is author of the best-selling “Not Tonight Honey, Wait Till I’m a Size 6,” and three other humor books. She is also a Sarah Palin impersonator and stand-up comic and public speaker.


Susan Cushman said...

I really love this post, Susan. It's such an honest and encouraging look into how to make the best of whatever the publishing world throws at us. When my novel is finished, small presses are definitely an option I'm considering. But most of all, I hope to keep alive the love of writing forever, and that's what I hear you communicating here. Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!

A Good Blog Is Hard to Find said...

Thanks, Susan. I appreciate the kind words and wish the best when you're new "baby" is ready for birth. Best-sellers to YOU!

A Good Blog Is Hard to Find said...

I meant YOUR. LOL

A Good Blog Is Hard to Find said...

Why is Kathy's pic coming up on my posts??? So funny!!

wheatgerm said...

seems like a crazy business

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