Friday, April 27, 2012

Turtle Summer

By: Mary Alice Monroe
Every morning I gaze out at the sea with anticipation. My back pack is filled with supplies, my probe stick stands at the ready, and my team T-shirts and cap lay patiently in my dresser drawer. My annual season of being a “turtle lady” lays just on the horizon.

Loggerhead laying eggs
Every spring the sea turtles begin their long journey home for a new nesting season along the southeastern U.S. coast. The stretch of South Carolina shoreline that I am blessed to call home will soon welcome home caretta caretta, the loggerhead, who will venture onto the beach to give birth. And her arrival will mark the beginning of another turtle summer for me.

Available May 8th
My fellow turtle team friends and I like to bet when we’ll get our first turtle nest on Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s Island. The year I discovered our first nest of the season happened to be on May 25-- my birthday! I’ve been a member of this wonderful turtle team since 1999. My experiences inspired my first southern novel, The Beach House, in 2002, followed by the sequel, Swimming Lessons. And now, ten years later, Beach House Memories, the prequel of the series, is ready to make its debut on May 8th. This serendipitous timing of a new hardcover release with the start of a new sea turtle nesting season and the tenth anniversary of my first bestseller---makes this an extra special turtle summer for me.

A rescued hatchling in hand

It is an honor to share with readers the inspiration I’ve felt from being a “turtle lady” all these years and the life lessons the sea turtles have taught me. I hope through the pages of Beach House Memories, others will feel inspired by the turtle team characters of my story world and the real life details of the magnificent loggerhead that I am so fortunate to write about and share with the world this turtle summer.

What is one thing you're looking forward to that will make this summer season special for you?

Mary Alice Monroe is an award-winning, bestselling author of 13 novels and is an active conservationist. She lives near Charleston, SC. Her newest novel, BEACH HOUSE MEMORIES is available May 8th. Visit her at


The Wicked Writer said...

What will make my summer great, is sunshine, walks with the Sophie dog, my partner, and finishing this novel lol.

The Wicked Writer said...

What will make my summer great, is sunshine, walks with the Sophie dog, my partner, and finishing this novel lol.

Bob Norton said...

Mary Alice, reading your post brought memories of one of my favorite author Pat Conroy, in whose books The Prince of Tides and Beach Music, loggerhead turtles are featured, even to the point of becoming minor characters in his novels.Thanks for sharing!

nreddick said...

Excellent, Mary Alice. There's no place on earth like the South Carolina coast. Thanks for your conservation efforts to help those little turtles! Niles

Simon said...

Hello Mary Alice! I am also a turtle guy working with Caretta caretta, but on Crete in Greece. I am expecting our first nests on 3/4/5 June and am very interested in the method you use to find the nests witha probe. Last year we were doing lots of digging (hard work) and this year I am on my own, so it would be a great help. I also recommended your new book to my Mum!

Many thanks,


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Hi, Mary Alice. There's no place on earth that is more beautiful than the South Carolina coast. Thanks for your efforts to help those little turtles! Yo do a good job for this spot!

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