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New Releases From Our Own

Karin Gillespie Neches EARTHLY PLEASURES

Karen Neches’ latest release Earthly Pleasures is about a greeter in Heaven named Skye Sebring who falls in love with a mortal on Earth. She eventually discovers that all of life’s lessons can be learned through five Beatle songs.

EARTHLY PLEASURES has been chosen to be a Booksense Notable for February. Check out all the bookseller praise at

"...Appealingly unorthodox... a heaven where angels lust, drink and follow terrestrial celebrity gossip… A tangled story of cold ambition and true love unspools. Neches’s funny and sweet novel shows that to err is human and angelic as well."

Publishers' Weekly

“Oh so fun… So many surprises that I was blown away.”

Marta Morrison, Teens Read Too, Gold Star of Excellence

Here’s a brief description:

Welcome to Heaven. Use your Wishberry to hustle up whatever you want. Have an online chat with God. Visit the attractions such as Retail Rapture, Wrath of God miniature golf and Nocturnal Theater, where nightly dreams are translated to film.

Your greeter might just be Skye Sebring who will advises her newly dead clients on what to expect now that they’re expired. “Heaven is like a Corona Beer commercial” she assures her charges. “It’s all about contentment.”

So different than Earth where chaos reigns. Unfortunately for Skye, she’s been chosen to live her first life. She’s required to attend Earth 101 classes, which teach all of the world’s greatest philosophies through five Beatle songs.

Skye has no interest in Earthly pursuits, until lawyer Ryan Blaine briefly becomes her client after a motorcycle accident. Just as they are getting to know each other, he is revived and sent back to Earth.

She follows his life via the TV channel “Earthly Pleasures” but discovers he has a wife as well as a big secret. Why then does he call a show for the lovelorn to talk about the lost love of his life?

In Earthly Pleasures (Simon and Schuster, February 2008, $14) great love can transcend the dimensions, narrowing the vast difference between Heaven and Earth.

Want a little taste?Read the first chapter. Or click here for the chance to win a free copy.


Karen Neches was single for over twenty years. She used to tell people she was in the “hospice stage” of being single as she never expected to recover. Then at the age of forty-three she finally met her soul mate. Earthly Pleasures is dedicated to him. She maintains a web site at
Neches also writes under the name Karin Gillespie and is the nationally bestselling author of The Sweet Potato Queen’s First Big-Ass Novel with Jill Conner Browne and three novels in the critically acclaimed Bottom Dollar Girl series. She’s founder of the virtual tour The Girlfriend Circuit as well A Good Blog is Hard to Find. She is a former lifestyle columnist for the Augusta Chronicle.

Kerry Madden, author of JESSIE'S MOUNTAIN

JESSIE'S MOUNTAIN by Kerry Madden coming on Valentine's Day, 2008. Viking Children's Books (Penguin)

The whole family got in on this one - daughter Lucy illustrated the birds in JESSIE'S MOUNTAIN, son Flannery edited the songs, and daughter, Norah, inspired the character of Caroline, the fairy child, and Kiffen, patient father and husband, grew up one of 13 children, which got me writing down these stories of the Weems passel of younguns in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

"Madden brings the struggling yet loving Weems family refreshingly to life in her third story in the Maggie Valley trilogy following Gentle’s Holler (2005) and Louisiana’s Song (2007). Set in North Carolina ’s Smoky Mountains in 1964, almost-13-year-old Livy Two, one of ten children, again provides a poignant and spirited lens through which events unfold and a lot of growing up occurs. Determined as ever to help support her family so they can stay in their beloved holler, Livy Two, a gifted songwriter, singer and guitar player, runs off to Nashville to audition for Mr. George Flowers of Music Row. But her ten-year-old sister follows, nothing goes as expected and their abrupt disappearance affects everyone she cares for deeply.

“A brave girl—full of heart,” she is sometimes torn about secretly reading her mother’s girlhood diary from the ’40s, uncharacteristically given to her by Grandma Horace. In part sparked by the entries and bird drawings, she hatches a plan that, with everyone working together, really does make a difference. A fitting end to the trilogy, Madden has created a heartwarming family story bursting with love and mountain music. (Fiction. 10-14)

Kerry Madden's debut children's novel, Gentle's Holler, (Viking, 2005) was released in Penguin Puffin paperback in 2007, received starred reviews in both Kirkus and Publisher's Weekly, and is the first in a trilogy of Smoky Mountain novels. Gentle's Holler was a New York and Chicago Public Library Pick and received a Mark Twain Nomination from Missouri and a Maine Student Book Award. Louisiana's Song (SCIBA and CYBILS Award Finalist) was published in 2007 and has been selected for the California Readers Collection for Middle Grade Fiction. Jessie's Mountain will be published on Valentine's in 2008 by Viking. She is currently working on a biography of Harper Lee for teens for Viking's UpClose Series. She may be reached at She conducts writing workshops for kids of all ages across the country. She is also the author OFFSIDES, New York Public Library Pick for the Teenage in 1997 and WRITING SMARTS. (AMERICAN GIRL LIBRARY, 2002).

When licensed cosmetologist turned publisher’s rep Kathy L. Patrick lost her job due to industry cutbacks, she wasn’t deterred. One month later, she opened Beauty and the Book, the world’s only combination beauty salon/bookstore, and soon after founded The Pulpwood Queens of East Texas, a nationwide reading group (70 chapters and counting, plus chapters in eight foreign countries) that dared to ask the question—does a book club have to be snobby to be serious? Kathy’s life is soon to be an open book…with the release of THE PULPWOOD QUEENS’ TIARA-WEARING, BOOK-SHARING GUIDE TO LIFE (Grand Central Publishing Trade Paperback Original; January 2, 2008; $13.99).

Bestselling authors James Patterson, Pat Conroy, Cassandra King, Lalita Tademy, and John Berendt among others are all heralding the arrival of the official book of The Pulpwood Queens—“where tiaras are mandatory and reading good books is the rule!” A natural born storyteller with a wicked sense of humor, Kathy’s Southern charm is front and center as she shares how books changed her life. Her entertaining stories are woven together with her suggested reading lists:
· books made into movies
· novels written by people who already earned a name in another profession · books that will take you to places you long to visit
· tips on starting a book club (including the six questions guaranteed to ignite a discussion and the five ways to absolutely kill a conversation)
· Pulpwood Queens’ favorite recipes - the Peanut Butter Fudge Cake recipe is worth the price of admission alone
· And much more!

KATHY L. PATRICK is the owner of Beauty and the Book, the only Hair Salon/Bookstore in the country located in historic Jefferson, Texas. She is founder of The Pulpwood Queens Book Club, which is the largest “meeting and discussing” book club in the world. Kathy also founded and runs three book festivals in the Arkansas/Louisiana/Texas area including Books Alive, Girlfriend Weekend, and the International Book Club Author Extravaganza. She currently writes a Pulpwood Queen blog for The Marshall News Messenger, and she writes a bimonthly column for Southern She has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, and in national publications such as Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal, among others. Kathy lives outside of Jefferson, Texas with her husband, Jay and daughters, Helaina and Madeleine.

Visit Kathy L. Patrick at
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