Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Heart’s Desire – a love note for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but for me, writing brings so much joy. It’s kind of like having children or marrying the love of my life. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but all the same, the best thing I’ve ever done. When you find something good, you want to share it with all of your friends. You say you wanna write? Then write for heaven’s sake! Time’s a-wastin’!

Now, many men and women have the desire to have families. However, it’s often a waiting game. When will God place that perfect person in your life? Not everyone who has the desire to have family will have it. Not everyone who has the desire to write will become published or a bestseller. Sometimes it just not God’s will. But perhaps there’s something else spectacular waiting as you travel along that journey—you’ll cure cancer or become the next President or travel the world. Perhaps the search will lead you down unexpected paths and bring you unexpected treasures. The point is: You don’t sit around; you DO something about it when God has placed a desire on your heart. The act of doing leads to something truly wonderful and often unexpected.

What goes for love and family also goes for writing.

I meet so many people who have the desire to write. Usually, it’s something specific on their heart—a family story or memoir or advice. These folks have something to say. The other night in my writer’s group, we had a new person attend, and at the end he told me I had the “gift of encouragement”. I told him I experience much joy from encouraging people who have the desire to write—to write! I do believe it’s a God-given desire. Now, like the family thing, it might not work out as you planned. You can’t force things, but you do the best you can. Maybe you ARE the next New York Times bestseller! Or maybe you write a single poem that only one other person ever reads, and it touches them. Maybe you keep a journal and through it, you learn much about yourself…and you grow. Or MAYBE, you begin writing, meet the love of your life in a writer’s group, and you live happily ever after, having kids, loving, writing…ahem. Okay. I might be getting carried away.

The point is this: You have a deep-seated to desire to…to what? To write? To paint? To start a business? To live happily ever after with the spouse of your dreams? Then get busy taking steps in the right direction. It’s what God asks us to do. He gives us the desire, we take the baby steps. Then, and I believe only then, will the true desires of our heart come to fruition, through Him.

You know, if I ever get tired of writing, or it becomes too much of a “job” that I don’t enjoy it anymore, I’d like to think I’ll quit doing it. I doubt anyone will get anything from my lackluster efforts. But right now, at this point in my life, my heart and soul is on my pages. Yes, I can hone my skills and get better at it. I can always improve, but my desire to write is off the charts! And that, along with my sweet husband and adorable kids makes life these days most interesting, often challenging, but utterly fulfilling. We work hard for the things we love, don’t we?

I encourage you, whoever you are reading this, do your best to fulfill your heart’s desire, whatever it is. Somewhere along the way in following your heart, you will figure out what you’re here for in this particular season in life. Your heart’s desire is not a destination. It’s a never-ending journey—and a strong clue to your purpose on this earth.

Nicole Seitz is the author of The Spirit of Sweetgrass and a second novel, Trouble the Water, which releases from “the big warehouse in the sky” TODAY and should be in stores by March 11! Trouble the Water is a very personal story of healing inspired by a beloved aunt. It was NOT the book her agent or editor wanted her to write, but the one that was on her heart to write at this particular time. So please, won’t you go out and buy it and prove her right?

Nicole has just completed her third novel due for publication in 2009. When she’s not writing or encouraging others to write, she’s painting the covers of her novels. Reach her at

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Isabel & Yo said...

I really liked your blog. It is really interesting. I felt identified when you said "For me, Writing brings so much joy". Good luck with your blog.