Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A World Away

Cats & Computers
I found a tiny starving kitten crying on my front porch the other day. The little tortoiseshell beastie was so desperate and pitiful, I petted her and fed her and told her she could stay. The next day this guy showed up (clearly well fed and totally relaxed):
A few days later the "kitten" had 3 kittens! Here are the 2 adults admiring a couple of the charming offspring.
I went from 0 to 5 stray cats in the blink of an eye.  Hey, what's going on here?  I meant to be taking in only one small cat...  Now my front porch is TOTALLY COVERED in cats!!
When I complained about this to a colleague, she admitted this is what had just dropped in at her house:
The interesting thing about this (to me) is that one incident happened in Strawberry Plains, TN, while the other was happening in Delhi, India.  Small world, huh?  In my day job I'm a webmaster who is unworthy of the title.  I live in the Smoky Mountains. The crackerjack computer programmer who is the key to my success lives in India. Despite being on opposite sides of the world, clearly we are both tools to be used by cats.

And despite the cats being on opposite sides of the world, they are still capable of dominating and controlling the brains of even the smartest of women.
What is it about cats?
What is it about cats and computers?
What is it about cats and computers and women?
Anybody need a nice pet?
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Maryann Miller said...

Carolyn, if I lived close enough, I would take the kitties. They are darling. Out here in rural East Texas we get a lot of cats dumped on us, too. We have had six in the past four years.

Kathy L. Patrick said...

What is it about cats, computers, and women? Good question as I stare at the three cats staring back at me as I this woman types this response. All I can say is I just love'em.
Also love your paperback book cover as it's absolutely perfect.
Your cat-loving friend,
The Pulpwood Queen