Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Lip Models Coloring Outside the Lines

A couple weeks ago I addressed a topic at my place, (for the uninitiated that's All Things Southern on the web,radio, and TV), that I had recently broached with a few live audiences. I figured it was time to lay all the the cards on the table.

The point I made there, and I'm feeling the need to broaden the announcement, so I think I'll make it here as well, is that I have not been running all over the country espousing the value of lip color and forgetting to apply my own. I never, but never leave home without my color. I have thin lips, okay? No, I don't like it,but I've tried to accept it, in a-that's-just-the-way-the-Good-Lord-made-me sort of way. It'd be easier if folks weren't always reminding me.

The funny thing I've noticed about being in the public eye, (and am I the only one who has always found that phrase invites a really strange visual, being singular, the eye I mean), is that people think they can tell you anything, any---thang! When I first started doing my online videos, I got a few emails from folks telling me I look like Reba McIntyre. I couldn't see it. She's a little bitty blue eyed redhead. I'm a tall brown eyed brunette. Then some folks wrote in and said I looked like Trisha Yearwood. I didn't see that either, although she was more of a blondish brunette and

she's a bigger girl, no offense intended. Then it hit me. Do you see the connection? We all have thin lips.

Once I even got an email from a lady who said, "I just love watching you on TV, Shellie. You look just like family. None of us have any lips." She went on to tell me about the lip surgery she had to plump hers up and how she was happy with it, but it faded away after a little while and she was gonna have to do it again. She told me I should think hard before I did as it was painful and expensive. I didn't even know I was considering it.

She meant well. That's another one of Mama's lines. In related news, I’ve posted some pictures here of some big lip models from a recent style show in Paris. Check this out! These models have taken coloring outside the lines to a whole new level. Amen?

Seriously, it looks like they’ve been eating their red lipstick. Reminds me of the time Jessica Ann found my lipstick and painted herself up nicely, only she was four! Perhaps somebody needs a time-out. I’m just saying...



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