Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Other Writers Inspire Us--by Elizabeth Craig/Riley Adams

Most writers are more than just writers—they’re also avid readers.
When I find an author that I really like, it’s an exciting experience for me. I’ll go out and find everything the writer has written and buy it for my library. I’ll check and see if they have a blog to get their day to day observations on life and writing. I become a fan.

There are some authors that I’ve been a fan of for many years. Elizabeth George, M.C. Beaton, and Deborah Crombie are some of the authors on my favorites list, and I'll read their books over and over again.

Not only do I enjoy the escape that these authors’ books provide me, but I also receive a lot of inspiration from them.

How other writers can inspire us:

Favorite writers can inspire us by their productivity--especially if they have a lot of books on the shelves.

They inspire us by their ideas and creativity

They inspire us by juggling promo and writing

They inspire by their turn of phrase—their skill at the writing craft

They inspire us by creating characters we care about and want to learn more about.

They inspire us by making us look forward to their next book

They inspire us by creating a world that we long to escape to

My favorite writers inspire me to spend more time writing, work harder at the craft, and to strive to create a world and characters that are as engrossing as theirs.

How do your favorite authors inspire you?
Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams
Mystery Writing is Murder

Memphis BBQ series--Penguin Books--as Riley Adams
"Pretty is as Pretty Dies"-Aug 2009--Midnight Ink--as Elizabeth Spann Craig


Mason Canyon said...

My favorite authors inspire me to travel the world, try new hobbies, learn new recipes and enjoy wonderful books while relaxing.

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Cassandra Frear said...

My favorite authors inspire me with their insight into the human condition.

Margot Kinberg said...

Elizabeth - What a terrific post! My favourite writers inspire me by showing me how to put all of the pieces of the "writing puzzle" together - plot, characters, etc. into a wonderful whole.

Alan Orloff said...

Nice post, Elizabeth! My favorite authors inspire me to get my butt back in my chair and keep revising!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Mason--I always feel like an armchair traveler when I'm reading! I hope my books do the same for readers.

Cassandra--That's a good one! And they do, don't they, in ways that are still entertaining.

Margot--And they make it look so seamless, too!

Alan--Me too! Although it always feels like I have such a loonnnng way to go when I compare their finished project to my unfinished one!

Peggy Webb said...

Great post! I'm amazed by authors such as Karin Gillespie and Joshilyn Jackson who find time to write great books while they embark on massive pormotional efforts. More and more, I'd like to simply hole up and write.

Anna Michaels said...

There are authors who write with such lyric beauty, I'm moved to tears. Pat Conroy tops the list.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

My favorite author inspires me to work hard to create believable characters.

The Golden Eagle said...

My favorite authors inspire me to continue writing, pursuing the dream--after all, they did, and they accomplished that dream of being published.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Peggy--Yes! And their promo efforts pay off so well, it's a good reminder that it's all worth it!

Anna--He's really an amazing author. I enjoy his wife's books, too.

Diane--And you do a great job!

The Golden Eagle--Exactly! And they went through the same process and rejections that we have.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

My favorite authors inspire me to read more rather than write more, because I can’t put their books down!

Chary Johnson said...

My favorite author inspires me by providing not only transporting me to places I've never been but also by providing those wonderful chapter openings and writing format. I find that now I pay attention to the intricacies of writing while still enjoying the wonderful stories being told.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Jane--Me too! I only wish they'd write faster. :)

Chary--I think now it's so much harder for me to lose myself in a story because I'm watching the craft part so much...but my favorite authors help me put down my editing pen!