Thursday, June 25, 2009

Writing as Life?

by Cathy Pickens

What have I learned from writing, from life as a writer, and from other writers?

1. Persistence trumps talent every time.

2. If you’re waiting on the muse to show up before you get started, you’re wasting valuable time. If you’re not where you’re supposed to be (with pen or keyboard at hand), how do you expect the muse to find you?

photo by _StaR_DusT_

3. There are no born writers … or painters or race car drivers or bankers. They work at it.

4. Everyone is creative. The lucky ones recognize it and enjoy it. The unlucky or doomed believe whoever told them they weren’t. Everyone is creative and can develop and enjoy what they were given, whether it’s writing or cooking or gardening or juggling or …

5. Wishing you had someone else’s talent is silly. Like wishing I could be tall and thin like my sister, all the while she’s wishing she had straight hair and curves, it’s lots of wasted time and energy. Easier and better to enjoy what you got.

6. There is a special place in a very bad place for those who tell little kids they can’t paint or write or draw or sing or dance or whatever. No one has the right to take that away from another person. No one.

7. If someone ever told you that you that you couldn’t paint or write or draw or sing or dance or whatever but you like to do it, don’t listen to them. Do it any way. [Don’t expect to get rich or famous doing it … but what’s that got to do with enjoying it?]

Show up. Pay attention. Play. Be grateful. Be generous. Enjoy.

Cathy Pickens is the author of the “Southern Fried” mysteries [St. Martin’s Press], set in South Carolina.

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Vinny O'Neil said...

Excellent blog, Cathy! Very inspirational.